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Rachel Stead

Rachel Stead

Strategist PCN Manager, South Sefton PCN
South Sefton PCN is a large Primary Care Network based in North West England, caring for patients in the poorest 1% and least poor 1% of England. Inspired by the Nuka system of care founded in Alaska, the PCN has been working with system partners including Sefton Council and Mersey Care Foundation Trust to develop a preventative model of care supporting families. At least 67% of the general population experience one adverse childhood experience (ACE), and 9% experience 4 or more ACEs. ACEs have a significant long-term impact on human development, and those experiencing multiple ACEs experience poorer health outcomes including increased risk of cancer, heart disease, and mental illness. This risk is particularly high for children exposed to both poverty and parental mental illness. The PCN has worked with the local authority to integrate the ACEs recovery programme into primary care. This will enable earlier identification of patients who would benefit from understanding the impact of their own ACEs and reduce the risk of their own children being exposed to ACEs. We have also recruited Trainee Assistant Psychology Practitioners to support new parents in building attachments with their new babies.

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