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Rony Lindell

Rony Lindell

Rony Lindell

Medical Director, Klinik Healthcare Solutions
Rony Lindell runs the Medical department within Klinik Healthcare Solutions. He has numerous years of experience in various fields of medicine and has been concentrating on General practice for the last few years both as a practitioner and in management positions. He has a medical degree (Lic.) from University of Helsinki (Finland), as well as a B.Sc in Bioinformation technology from Aalto University (Finland). During roughly 10 years he was involved in various research teams working on algorithmics & simulations (e.g. PCA/ICA approach on FMRI analysis), machine learning (B.Sc on using deep learning for multilayered visual cortex gestalt-theory simulation) and big data analysis (B.Med in multi-node parallel processing of cancer data & disease causing feature detection), before switching to full-time clinician work after receiving a medical degree. Currently he oversees the medical development and clinical quality activities including certain regulatory aspects within the Company.