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Simon Dukes

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Simon Dukes

Simon Dukes

Chief Executive, Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee
Simon joined PSNC in May 2018. As CEO he is the principal advisor to the PSNC committee, and is responsible and accountable for all operational dimensions of the organisation. These include the planning and shaping of NHS services provided by the network of community pharmacies in England, as well as negotiating funding from HM Government. With over two decades working in the UK public sector, Simon has experience in a number of roles and specialisms including defence and security policy, public affairs, media and communications strategy, negotiation, counter-terrorism, serious and organised crime investigations, and cyber security. In 2013 he left HM Government to become the CEO of the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service, Cifas. He was also on the Oversight Board of the Home Secretary’s Joint Fraud Task Force, and the Management Board of the Joint Money Laundering Intelligence Task Force.