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Sue O'Connell

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Sue O'Connell

Sue O'Connell

Chief Executive Officer, Community Health Partnerships
Sue O'Connell is a Medical Practioner and a graduate of Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, University of London. She spent five years in hospital medicine and then followed a career in family medicine, working as a Principal in General Practice for 18 years. During this time, she became aware of a need for a new approach to improving the health of local communitities and in 2001, became involved in strategic service and estate planning. In 2003-2004, Sue led a Public Private Partnership (PPP) project through procurement to financial close. Sue joined CHP as a member of the Board in January 2005 and was appointed Chief Executive in 2006, leading the Company and delivering its £2bn property and investment portfolio in partnership with the private sector. Sue's focus is to bring together the resources, innovation and skills of the private sector with the commercial knowledge, assets and understanding of the NHS to the ongoing benefit of healthy communities and patients.