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Xavier Rajarathnam

Xavier Rajarathnam

Founder and Director, Xcel Health FCP
Xavier is a highly experienced and accomplished individual in the healthcare industry. Xavier founded Xcel Health Group, a healthcare organization specializing in delivering a range of services, including FCP (First Contact Physiotherapy), Podiatry, Dietitians, and Occupational Therapy across the country. This indicates his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to improving healthcare services. Xavier leads a team of 56 clinicians and NHS managers, showcasing his leadership skills and ability to manage a diverse group of professionals. Xcel Health provides services to 41 Primary Care Networks (PCNs) across various regions in the UK, from Bristol to Cambridge and Manchester to Dover. This extensive reach demonstrates his commitment to making healthcare accessible to a wide population. Prior to founding Xcel Health, Xavier worked in the NHS for 15 years as an advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner, indicating his deep-rooted understanding of the healthcare system and patient needs. Xavier is well-versed in the AARS funding model, enabling him to work effectively with PCNs to manage their services within budget constraints. This financial acumen is essential for running a successful healthcare business. Xavier shares his knowledge and experience by mentoring and coaching other business owners and clinicians looking to transition into the healthcare industry. He also provides training courses for GPs and other healthcare professionals, contributing to the development of the healthcare workforce. Xavier's expertise extends beyond the UK, as evidenced by his keynote speaker role at the Bangalore Physiotherapists network in India, where he addressed a large audience of 2500 attendees. This demonstrates his global influence and the respect he commands in the healthcare community. Despite his professional commitments, Xavier is a dedicated father to two children and enjoys maintaining a healthy work-life balance by pursuing interests such as cycling and playing badminton. In summary, Xavier is a healthcare entrepreneur and leader with a strong background in NHS, financial expertise, and a commitment to improving healthcare services. His mentorship, training, and international recognition further highlight his contributions to the healthcare industry.

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