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29 Nov 2023

Care Navigators – the real controllers of GP spending – what do you do with the demand you face?

Care Navigators – the real controllers of GP spending – what do you do with the demand you face?
A Best Practice webinar sponsored by Optum

Dr Peter Milmer and Dr Jim Forrer have studied practice demand processes in depth and observed aspects of the function of general practice that are amenable to improvement.

Most especially the way that the practice directs issues that come to the practice, how those issues are directed to the services the practice offers and the resulting outcomes. 

By understanding the principles of demand and activity, and how capacity can be carefully designed to meet the demands on the practice, the burden on the practice team can be significantly reduced. 

Data presentation is fantastic at presenting problems in more detail, what we’ll talk about is what you can actually do to solve problems, reduce work and make savings.

Hosted by the Best Practice Show and sponsored by Optum.


  • To serve your community efficiently you must know what demand you face.
  • 50% of work comes from just forty presenting problems.
  • Care navigation is stressful and inconsistent, but by getting the right system in place you can make the whole team happier.
  • An average of 34% of your practice work is created by how you work.
  • Once a patient starts a pathway in practice, a lean system reduces your workload.


Dr Jim Forrer
GP and Clinical Director of Product

Dr Jim Forrer is a practicing GP with experience in clinical commissioning, health policy design and large data set analysis with clinical application including predictive modelling. Jim leads programs improving health inequalities, population health management, and primary care demand, capacity and workforce planning.

Dr Peter Milmer
GP Partner and Clinical Product Specialist

Dr Peter Milmer is a GP Partner in Devon and supports Optum as a clinical product specialist. Peter has extensive experience in ideas development and deployment, primary care management, and change management.

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