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Dr Maureen Baker

“Best Practice is an important event which enables GPs to come together to network, interact with different organisations, raise their questions and get their views across.”

Matthew Isom, Chief Executive Dispensing Doctors’ Association

“Our networking area has been fantastic, we have had loads of visitors and our sponsors have been very happy with the numbers in the lecture theatre. Having the conference jointly with the NAPC has made a world of difference from what we had before. It is a much better event. At Best Practice it’s great to meet other like-minded people.  Dispensing doctors are a very small group of people so what we want is to get as many of them in the same place as we possibly can and this is the best arrangement to try and do that. It also helps for our members to meet other GPs and pharmacists. Next year having nurses at the conference will help things enormously.” 

Scott McKenzie, NHS Consultant, BMW Accountants

“This type of conference is essential if you are going to deliver change and let people hear about what other people are doing and what works. Sharing best practice in this type of forum is absolutely the best way to do it. It enables people to get away from the day job and have some thinking time. Best Practice is one of the best conferences because it is led by the NAPC who have always focused on talking about the day job, on service provision, looking after patients and delivering top quality care.”

Dr Rosemary Leonard, GP, media medic and Practice Business stream chair

“The audience have been excellent, very responsive and asking a lot of tough questions.  I think this reflects the many different fields that the delegates have come from.  It is good to see so many people here.”

Dr James Kingsland, President, NAPC

 “This year’s Best Practice event has been really enjoyable.  It has been growing every year and is evolving into the conference to be at.  Despite the current difficult climate in primary care this event has a very positive buzz about it.    We have got the right formula – a fantastic agenda, a really lively exhibition and an opportunity to network.”

Sheinaz Stansfield, Practice Manager Oxford Terrace and Rawling Road Medical Group, Gateshead

“This is an excellent conference.  It is really well organised, the staff are fabulous, there is a lovely buzz and  people have been enjoying themselves, mixing and mingling - there has been loads of sharing and networking at this event.”

Dr Phil Yates, Chairman and Director of Medical Affairs, GP Care and NAPC Council member

 “People have come to this conference because the NAPC, more than any other organisation, is seen as the group which can support the development of new models of primary care. There has been a lot of interest at this event around developing general practice at scale and the growth of federations and how that impacts on practices and what it means for their future. I can feel quite a buzz in some of the sessions from GPs who are starting to see there could be some solutions here.”

Dr Ian Walton, GP and IAPT Lead, Sandwell

“This is a conference where primary care can put the politicians on the spot.”

Dr Michael Smith, GP ad Chief Executive Officer Haverstock Healthcare (Camden GP Consortium)

“This year Best Practice has really made the idea of collaborative working in federations come alive in a way that has been quite abstract before. It’s so easy for people in general practice to just work away in their silos and keep their heads down.  An event like this gives us an opportunity to look up and say we are making a difference, let’s share that with other people.” 

Dr Nav Chana, Chair, NAPC, chair Transforming Primary Care stream

 “People have come to Best Practice, in Partnership with NAPC, to hear about how to form federations and build networks, about future policy and strategy and how they can position themselves to benefit. They are learning about the barriers and the challenges, they are getting some ideas and tips and finding out how they can build resilience together.  The speakers are talking about how we can really transform primary care and are giving the audience an energy fillip.”

Dr Charles Alessi, co-chairman NAPC

 “This year’s Best Practice conference has been fundamentally different because a lot of the stories the NAPC was telling people about two years ago around subjects like wellness, personalisation and federations are now being implemented.  This has been attracting people and creating lot of energy and interesting discussions.” 

Karen Northwood, Managing Partner, Friends Road Medical Practice Croydon

“I have come to the NAPC conference a number of times because the speakers are always very topical. I particularly like to hear the political agenda because it gives me a heads up of what’s coming our way. it’s one of the very few conferences that I do attend and I always pick up some useful information.”

Judy Holbrook Business Partner Gloucester Road Medical Centre, Bristol

“You can get very focused on your local problems so it’s very refreshing to come to an event like this and hear speakers like Andy Burnham and Jeremy Hunt and get the national perspective on things.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Raj Sangha, Practice Pharmacist Manager, Wootton Vale Healthy Living Centre, Bedford

“Best Practice is a high profile conference, the quality of the speakers is excellent and the topics are all up to date and current. I have met a lot of doctors and other professionals here and have been doing a lot of networking.  Everyone is very friendly.”

Paul Smith, Managing Partner Knoll Surgery, Frodsham, Cheshire

“I always come to this conference, it’s the one for me. If I had to stop going to all the other events I would still make the effort to come to Best Practice.  A huge bonus this year has been the joint DDA conference.  We are a dispensing practice so it hugely beneficial.  There is so much to get round that next year I will be bringing some of my colleagues.  It is so beneficial to find out what is going on so that we can be prepared for what is going to come.”   

 Inesha Simons, Lead Administrator, Virgin Care, Winson Green Primary Care Centre

“This conference is great because it has everything under one roof. There is always something new and innovative to hear about – I will feed a lot of the information I have learned here about things we could implement back to our practice managers and regional manager.  Next year I will be making sure my practice manager comes as well.”

Andrew Clifford, Practice Manager Kirton Lindsey Surgery, North Lincolnshire

“I came last year and thought it was an informative conference, I like to keep abreast of current developments. The quality of the speakers is excellent and the central location is easy to get to.”

Bukky Akpabio practice manager Oak Tree Medical Centre , Ilford

“I have come to hear about all the changes in general practice such as federations and to meet other  people and to hear what they are doing.”

Russell Gardner, Practice Manager the Tickhill and Colliery Medical Practice, Doncaster

“This year at Best Practice I have been very interested to hear the speakers talk about the federated model because it is something we have explored. It is good to hear about different ways of working and to share best practice.  I have also been interested to talk to a number of exhibitors because we are currently looking for new premises.”  

Dr John Blissett, GP and Director Derbyshire Health United

“I have come to Best Practice for the clinical talks and to get all the important updates.”

Dr Tauqeer Awan Rotherham, GP Walk in Centre

“The lectures at this conference have been very good.  I have been focusing mainly on getting the clinical updates I need and have been visiting the exhibition because it is a good way of getting to know what is available on the market.  There seems to be something for everyone here.”  

Dr James Bywater, Theale Medical Centre

“It has been really useful to be able to come to the DDA conference, I have never been to one of their events before because it was always too far away and too small.  The opportunity at Best Practice to choose between all the different talks and themes and have so many exhibitors in one place is really useful.”  

Dr Rajesh Mehta, salaried GP, Parsonage Street Practice and Walk in Centre, Sandwell

“I have come to Best Practice because one of my colleagues came last year and said it was very good. I have listened to talks on a mixture of medical and political topics and have been meeting lots of people.”

Cherri Webb, Primary Care Engagement and Development Manager, Gloucestershire CCG

“We work a lot with GP practices and this conference is very relevant and helps us to understand what pressures they are under and if there is anything we can do to help.  It’s also very interesting to hear what the politicians have to say.”  

Khatija Hajat, Primary Care Contracts Manager East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG

“I have been coming every year to the NAPC conference, it’s very useful to know what is current in the practice business stream and to hear people like Simon Stevens speak.  This year it has been very useful to hear about federations – in the CCG we need to understand and learn from this model.”  

Anne Moger, Practice Nurse Adviser, NHS England

“I’m relatively new in post and I have come to Best Practice to meet a lot of key individuals. I have gone to some of the keynote talks on transforming primary care and on practice business.  It’s a chance to link policy to reality.”  

Fiona Lawson, Managing Director Insight solutions

“I’m a provider of training courses for general practice and I have come to look around the exhibition to catch up with people and to make sure I am up to date.”

Karen Westerman, Patients Online, NHS England

“The topics are very interesting and the conference has a good buzz.  A lot of opinions are being aired here.” 

  • "Best Practice is an important event which enables GPs to come together to network, interact with different organisations, raise their questions and get their views across."
    Dr Maureen Baker
  • "Come together to network, interact with different organisations, raise their questions and get their views across."
    Dr John Baker
  • "I attended last year and was impressed. It is really useful to get details on the national and strategic agenda. It’s also great to have the DDA incorporated so I can attend some sessions there too, plus it is a time to speak to the suppliers you want to, when you have time, unlike in the practice!"
    Judy Cole
    Practice Manager
  • "Best Practice has been great to get up to date with clinical, admin and technology aspects. There is a good variety of talks here."
    Dr Daniel de Brauw